recent Downtime..

April 2nd, 2008 by Quatrux

Well, for a month almost everything on my side was offline, I lost one server and with all the data, so I am using the latest backup I have, even though I thought to use some blog search like google blog search and restore my texts, but I am to lazy, I’ll think about that later.. Got a fresh account again and did everything my way with it.. So I’ll continue to post and I think it’ll be more PHP related.. I hate downtime, but what to do? I spent a lot of time on theSite CMS which now is much more advanced and really as simple as possible, when you get to know how to use it, to make it short, now it supports multi languages much better than it did, the templates are having less php code, I am using a method this.ob_templater(); for the content generation, it can have plugins and modules, the panel got much more advanced and the most coolest thing is the content publishing, I still need to fix it a little bit, but with some mouse clicks, I can have dynamic version and static version working together on one CMS and as it used to be before, it works for all the sites, they just need to have separate templates and settings :D oh yea, as I learned to create PDF’s with PHP using TCPDF, I’ll have my sites with PDF version, but later they’ll be up online, due to these days are quite busy and as always I’m Lazy to develop so much at once! You know, studies? :D hahahaha they’re getting easier and easier!

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I don’t post anymore?

September 20th, 2007 by Quatrux

I see that I haven’t posted anything for over a month, that is quite strange, I think I wasn’t busy to much, so it might be that I am out of ideas and moreover, I am to lazy :P

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Brutal Assault 2007

August 7th, 2007 by Quatrux

Today, after almost 10 hours, I am going to sit into a bus and go to Brutal Assault 2007, moreover, it will also be my holidays! So I will be away for about a week, no more work, no more programming, no more chatting, just good music, beer and foreign countries.. I just hope, that.. My hosting will be up! ;)

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I am watching Stargate SG-1

July 30th, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, I saw it on TV sometime ago, but really not all the seasons, so I thought to watch all of them and darn am I in a problem.. The movies and moreover 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 with 22 episodes each and an episode lasts for about 44 minutes, so it will really take a lot of my time.. Not to mention that there are 3 episodes of Stargate Atlantis already, so I am really stuck! I thought Babylon-5 is long or Prison Break, not to mention Conan the Barbarian with so much episodes or any anime with over 200 episodes.. :D Well, with time I think I will finish, maybe on September 1? I am already watching the 4th season, the 5th episodes or something like that, well, it is not the best stuff, but I can watch it, I usually like fantasy. ;)

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file_put_contents() for PHP4!

July 30th, 2007 by Quatrux

When I was using PHP4 for my web stuff, I wrote a quite good function for usage with PHP4, as a lot of you know on PHP5 a very handy function file_put_contents(); exist, but not in PHP4, but if you want to use it on PHP4, due to your server still has it running, which in my opinion is still quite normal, I will share another of my functions, I just browsed around my sources which usually never is finished and found it, so thought to share, it is in my opinion quite different when the one offered on the PEAR package, but it does the same, just is a little bit expanded.. I will explain a little! Firstly I named it put_file_contents(); to avoid the risk of duplication, but for instance, just do a check with the simple function function_exists(); Moreover, I recommend to include your functions only once, I mean use include_once() and/or require_once() ;)

  1. function put_file_contents($file, $data, $mode = ‘a’, $path = ‘0′, $y = ) {
  2.         /* check if file exists and atempt to Create it */
  3.         if (!file_exists($file) && !touch($file)) {
  4.                 user_error(‘put_file_contents() Can not create the file’, E_USER_WARNING);
  5.                 return FALSE;
  6.         /* check if Directory exists */
  7.         } elseif (is_dir($file)) {
  8.                 user_error(‘put_file_contents() Can not write to a directory’, E_USER_WARNING);
  9.                 return FALSE;
  10.         /* check if file is regular */
  11.         } elseif (is_file($file)) {
  12.                 /* check the Flags */
  13.                 if (!strpos(‘**|a|w|t|’, ‘|’.$mode.‘|’)) {
  14.                         $mode = ‘a’;
  15.                 /* Change Owner if required */
  16.                 } elseif ($mode == ‘t’ AND !qcreate_file($file)) {
  17.                         user_error(‘put_file_contents() Can not change file owner’, E_USER_WARNING);
  18.                         return FALSE;
  19.                 }
  20.                 /* check if file is writabl/stronge otherwise try to change permsissions */
  21.                 if (!is_writable($file) && (!chmod($file, 0666) OR !qftp_chmod($file))) {
  22.                         user_error(‘put_file_contents() Can not write to file, permission denied’, E_USER_WARNING);
  23.                         return FALSE;
  24.                 /* Change Data Array to String */
  25.                 } elseif (is_array($data)) {
  26.                         $data = implode($y, $data);
  27.                 /* Check Input Data */
  28.                 } elseif (!is_scalar($data)) {
  29.                         user_error(‘put_file_contents() The 2nd parameter should be either a string or an array’, E_USER_WARNING);
  30.                         return FALSE;
  31.                 }
  32.                 /* Open and Store Data to File */
  33.                 if (($fo = fopen($file, $mode, $path)) === FALSE) {
  34.                         user_error(‘put_file_contents() Failed to open stream: Unknown reason’, E_USER_WARNING);
  35.                         return FALSE;
  36.                 }
  37.                 if (fputs($fo, $data) === FALSE) {
  38.                         user_error(‘put_file_contents() Failed to write to file: Unknown reason’, E_USER_WARNING);
  39.                         return FALSE;
  40.                 }
  41.                 /* Close Handle */
  42.                 fclose($fo);
  43.                 return TRUE;
  44.         } else {
  45.                 user_error(‘put_file_contents() Can not continue: Not a file’, E_USER_WARNING);
  46.                 return FALSE;
  47.         }
  48. }

As you can see, several times more of my stupid custom functions were used, you can remove them, but I will still share them, even though I don’t think they are useful.. I just tried to paste them, but I saw even more custom things :D So I think I will only leave and idea and not an actually working code.

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James Bond – Agent 007

July 9th, 2007 by Quatrux

I started watching James Bond, Agent 007, due to on my local TV they will show it all the summer every Sunday, but as I don’t really watch TV anymore and I am forgetting that, so I decided to watch through my computer, well I saw the first 8 movies and I can say that the first movie James Bond, Dr. No in 1962 was quite good, it really seemed that it is James Bond, the storyline and the main elements and still young Sean Connery! But in my opinion, the best Bond movie was From Russia with Love in 1963, it was the second movie and I think that fixed everything what was bad in the first movie, Sean Connery also still was young, but Goldfinger 1964, well it was quite stupid and the main elements of James Bond as Secret Agent were a bit lost, but it was alright, now Thunderball 1965 was something different, as I know it cost a lot of money and is considered one of the best Bond films, even though were are really a lot of things to be amazed of I still think that From Russia with Love is the best one.

Anyway, a lot can say that You Only Live Twice is a real classic, but most of the elements are lost there, it really is a good movie and almost the last movie with Sean Connery, he got a bit old in those 5 years, so I guess the next James Bond movie with George Lazenby as James Bond On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969 got much less money and I really laughed, the real Bond was gone, I knew that the next movie after this Sean Connery will return, but I didn’t thought he will look much older and fatter, not what people imagine Bond, so Diamonds Are Forever in 1971 with Sean Connery also was a stupid movie in my opinion, don’t know even how to comment, to lazy, better watch it yourself..

So I think those guys also thought similar and Yesterday I saw James Bond Live and Let Die made in 1973 and Roger Moore was acting as James Bond, the Agent 007, he was young and looked as James Bond, so I would call him the next James Bond, due to some elements of the real Bond came back, some more Bond action came back and they didn’t do bullshit! So will comment on this later, due to I still have to see some movies and time usually lacks. ;)

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I’ve dropped DQZone dot NET

June 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

Yeah, this is true, I have dropped the domain dqzone dot net, due to I couldn’t even start the service, 4 years of the project, which changed and changed in my head, but never could be finished (and even started), I have about 4 unfinished layouts, or rather I could call them finished, but never used, I couldn’t complete my script to run my biggest project ever, I couldn’t complete the layouts to work with Drupal and Joomla, so I thought to say good bye for it Today, due to in this year, a lot of services like my and other people ideas is now working online quite successfully, who to blame? me or beer? both!

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Conan the Adventurer, (cartoon)

June 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

As most of you know, Conan the Adventurer animated series created in 1992-1994 had 64 episodes, one episode runs about 22 minutes, so in about three days of watching it, not full time of course, I managed to watch all of it, the first 12 episodes are really really great, the quest itself is really addictive, later from approximately episode 16 the quest of Conan gets quite boring, I don’t mean boring that you can’t watch it, but boring and from the episode 54, the action comes back again, but the end isn’t something I was hoping for, in fact the end is a bit shitty, not that it is shitty, everything ends and is good, but why couldn’t they destroy Wrath-Amon and its black ring by combining powers in the 20th episode? why did they need to wait while Set gets out from the Abyss? I know why, to make the show longer, but still.. and Set, the evil snake lizard doesn’t look as scary or powerful or strong, due to Conan can managed to fight it, but everyone were listening to it..

I don’t want to say that these animated series sucked, I really enjoyed them, it is one of those best animated series I watched! Even though I was watching it on Tele-3 when I was a kid, I remember only little parts of the episodes I was watching this month on my computer..

Moreover, Live-action TV series exist of Conan the Adventurer, but it sucks, I saw it on a TV channel called BTV, and it almost sucked as Sinbad and nothing sucks more than the Adventures of Sinbad!!!

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The Pirates of Dark Water

June 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

I recently finished watching a fantasy animated series called The Pirates of Dark Water, even though at the beginning it was called Dar Water, but after 5 episodes with minor changes it was called The Pirates of Dark Water! It is a quite nice quest in a fantasy world called Mer, the objective of the quest is to collect all of the 13th Treasures of Rule to stop the evil substance called Dark Water.

I remember I was watching it on Cartoon Network, so I remember half of the episodes, what a pity that I understood only Today, that the cartoon was never completed, due to the realistic graphics and etc. was quite costly and it didn’t bring a lot of revenue.. So even up to Today 2007 nothing is really known about it, there are plenty much of fan sites with different information and etc. The cartoon itself was shown/made during 1990-1993 by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment, they only succeeded to collect 8 treasures of rule in all of the 21 episodes! :P

Wikipedia about the Pirates of the Dark Water

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I finished 1 Curse

June 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

Forgot to write about it, but I finished my 1st curse in university on engineering informatics, those two semesters ended quite fast, here are my results for the first and second semesters by the university credits system:

I Semester: Average 8

» Mathematical Analysis – 7
» Programming – 8
» Operating Systems – 10
» Analytic Geometry and Vector Algebra – 6
» Study of Europe Introduction – 9
» English Language – 9

II Semester: Average 8,45

» Mathematical Analysis – 5
» Programming – 10
» Matrix Calculation – 10
» Information Resources – 8
» Computer graphics – 10
» English Language – 10

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