the Days

December 15th, 2005 by Quatrux

Wow, it is 4 days since i have not been writing here, this week has passed really fast, I haven’t made anything useful at all, now I need to remember where had my time gone, all that time I almost spent at school and home + shop and a little time with friends. I learned english for a long time and in the lessons I only needed to talk half of what I learned, well I wrote some tests, hard tests and tomorrow 3 tests again, oh darn so much to do so little time, but I think I will still enjoy my time near the computer and will learn history later, to continue a lot of what has changed from yesterday and now I don’t have any point to continue doing something, I need to find what I want to do in my live and seek it, that it would become my aim, because now i do not have any aim anymore, I don’t care for anything except for myself, heh it is time to think about becoming someone I want, my aim will be to first: study informatics in the university and create something by myself – boring. :P

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