I lost my Scarf

December 17th, 2005 by Quatrux

at Friday I was invited to go to a good/live music club “Broadway” or whatever it is spelled, so I took a friend and went there, well I would better not go there, I think so now :) the entrance was for above 18, but my friend wasn’t 18 yet, so we went to meet up with others on other place, bought some beer and later spent some time in the mambo pizza club, after that through the city we got to “Apuokas” bar and had a little bit of beer in a good atmosphere with good music, I met some friends there, but when going home, I understood that I lost my Scarf, I really miss it :( it was a present from a friend and it was my only present which I liked and which was useful for me.. I really miss it, though it is crazy but I really miss it, I am unhappy without it :( and I don’t have any Scarf to wear.. I am lazy to go buy one.. I do not want to spend 20 litas for a Scarf, so as Christmas is coming, Santa oh Santa, please give me a gift, a Scarf, pretty please !! :D

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