Weekday ?

December 23rd, 2005 by Quatrux

Well this Weekday was quite hard, but it has finished fast.. as always Monday was the worst day of it, but oh well I don’t really remember what I did at that day.. I feel really tired, because it was the end of the 1st semester and I finished it like an idiot, my marks are above average, ~7 but oh well, I sit on the computer to much doing nothing and wasting my time.. there were many tests this week to finish my semester: maths, history, economics and literature.. and also two works for art lesson, now I had to spend some time on that, oh yeah, physics test, but I did not write it, what a relief :) At Friday I did not go to school, spent my time lying in the bed, but I still needed to go there to get and give some papers.. And so seems like this Weekend was really boring, school and at home sleeping, watching TV and some time on the computer: pascal learning, now my knowledge got bigger ;)

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