At Last

December 27th, 2005 by Quatrux

Well, those days are over at last, but still holidays continues and I hope everything will be alright, I finished my job and got my wage, so I decided to buy myself 1 GB of DDR RAM, I have some slots, so I will be using two 512 MB DDR’s and will give the current 256 MB to my brother. So after I will get it tomorrow I will reinstall the stupid Windows XP because I haven’t done it since September 1, yeah Windows OS got slow because of no reason. I just can’t wait, my system won’t need so much virtual memory anymore, isn’t it great ? :) Yeah Christmas is over, on Christmas Eve I got a little high and ate a lot with my family, spend my time resting and on the computer, I did not buy gifts and stuff, so I feel happy and the main thing – relaxed. So what now ? looking forward to New Year.. this year will be the first year I won’t waste money on fireworks, because fireworks is the same as blowing your money to air :D maybe with my future family I will start blowing my money to the air ;)

Santa Claus has passed my house, I think I deserve this ! Merry Christmas ;)

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