January 11th, 2006 by Quatrux

Everyone needs to take decisions, even if you do not like them, you need to choose something, everyone isn’t perfect and usually a lot of people make bad decisions, but that is the point, to learn from them, to learn from your mistakes, to get experience in different situations and learn, learn all your life until your death comes, maybe tomorrow or maybe after 50 years, it is very easy to die, it is very hard to live and if you don’t have a point in your life or do not know what you want from it you might think of suicide very often and stuff like that. Why lead a healthy lifestyle if you will still die ? why do we need to do something at all ? everyone can think of stupid questions. I think that it is better to ask less, because you will still not get your answers, or might think of 10 answers which are different from each other. Why have a headache from that ? I think answering questions which still does not have an answer is really great, but it leads you to being mad or you might start acting crazy and even surprising to your self.. this is normal, as I said there is nothing prefect in our life, as a matter of fact there is a lot of terrible things happening, the line of bad and good which has to be about 50/50 isn’t like that, the bad is wining and that is why we all are going to die, unless the humans will start making more good than bad.. but humans are choosing easier things usually, because it is much easier to do bad rather than good. why do we usually see bad things from a person or a thing ? not the good, of course there are people who are looking only into good, but they are blind and pretend to live, even though they might be happier. I think life sucks and I hate it, but I am trying to enjoy it, I would not like to die, even though I am not afraid of death. The best life period in my life has already finished, the childhood. Why do we want to grow up so fast ? being an adult sucks, so much problems you just can’t solve, the only feature being a grown up is that you can enjoy sexual life.. a lot of people living for a longer time and thinking say that love is the main thing in love, but what can you love if everything around is so terrible ? yea love really matters, even if you love a tree or an animal, it’s still love. The thing which does not matter in life is money and wealth, but we just can do without it, so it is a need to have money, we created it so lets use it, lets use everything we create, lets destroy what others created, nothing has a sense until you will create it and use it for your self.

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