January 16th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, since Wednesday I have been feeling and still do that something hurts in my chest, I thought it would soon disappear, as I always had a good immunity system, but for 5 days it did not disappear, so after being in school for two hours, I got scared, because the pain got much bigger, so went to the fucking doctors, who I never liked, needed to sit there for 1 and half hours that I could tell what is wrong with me, well after all the tests they said that nothing is wrong with me, just little to much of pressure and that it could be, because of stress or something like that.. Well I know that I have been living in stress since 8 form, I mean for 5 years now, but never had pain in my chest.. They said it should disappear after a while, I hope they are right, because I am only 18 years old (maybe thats enough) to have health problems like that, I hate my life :D there is no life for and there is no health for me either, I am glad that I am able to sport, they said I can continue going to the gym. Furthermore, I can’t worry deeply about stuff, it is bad for me and my health.. I do not know what to do with beer, to continue drinking it or to stop at all. Well it is my health, I have ruined it myself and of course others, or better to say, “good life”. Nothing better has been interesting for me, the same old routine, school, sleep, computer, beer, school..

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