January 24th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I was offline for 8 days, can you believe it ? and at first I did not know what to do without being online, but the next day I got over it and just done what I needed to finish, I configured my computer and cleaned up my downloads and stuff, then I started to program in php+mysql and wrote my first real class which is called Banning, it is really great and my control panel which I am developing got really far, the banning features are superb and the class works great. Those days were really cold here in Lithuania, for 4 days it was minus 20 degrees by Celsius.. and at nights even -30.. that was cold, it rarely is like that here, but oh well, I am not afraid of cold weather, it was alright for me, I just needed to dress much warmer, but walking the dog was almost fun :D

So today I got another internet provider, a little worse, but seems alright, so I am back online and I learned that I can enjoy my social life being offline, I was reading books and walking in the yard.. pathetic I do not have a social life (almost) I don’t need it, or maybe I do. I also watched a little of TV and saw that some shows are just so pathetic. ;)

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