January 31st, 2006 by Quatrux

Once more another test exam that I could write the real ones some months later – it was Lithuanian + literature, I did quite well, but I think I could spend much more time learning, well I did go over all the writers and their biographies to write the interpretation, but I was lucky and got R. Granauskas “Gyvenimas po klevu” which we went through in class and I had a lot of ideas in my head, well do not know what the results will be, but I just hope I will pass these stupid things, the exams are coming and I do not have any problems with them, except for Mathematics, I am quite good there, but it really got boring for me, even though I need to learn it, I am ignoring it and learning all the other lessons, well I will have problems with physics too, but it will be my 6th exam, so I do not want big results out of them. I wrote today for 3 hours and had 1 hour break, after it again a test for grammatic and the fucking hard questions from a publicists article full of philosophy, well we rarely do this kind of stuff, so it took my time, I just wonder how they will be checked, most of the questions were “how did you understand..” I think they will look at the names, because most of the teachers hates me, because I like to be smart, they will lower me the mark, but I do not care, I just want to get to the real exams. I have problems with Lithuanian punctuation, I just am guessing, because there are a lot of stupid rules which does not go anywhere, most of my friends do that, but we usually get quite poor results, I remember I knew it well, 3 years ago when we were spending 2 months only on punctuation and now only 1-2 lessons, or sometimes, we in 12 form need to know everything.. We need to know to much in my opinion, people who knows punctuation, does not now a lot about life, but they will still forget it after a while and is going to have a life later. Anyway I am not afraid of English, Lithuanian, History, Informatics exams, but more about Mathematics, because I want very good results, but my knowledge got a little bad on tough taska with a lot of counting, but algebra is not my bad site, I just hate geometry, especially the harder one which is not so easy for finding the answer oh! and of course physics, which theory and tasks I just do not solve even though I read through it yesterday, our country has very tough exams for this to avoid a lot of jerks like me passing them very well, so usually a lot of whom justs get 4% to 20% out of 100% from all the people in the country, and people into physics can get better, but I still know a lot about it, even though if I would spend on my homework more than 15 minutes a day I could learn better, but I like to be lazy, well as a matter of fact I don’t. :)

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