Chinchilla is Online

February 28th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I spend all this Tuesday creating the chinchilla homepage, I made the graphics with the Gimp and this time the colour scheme is really great, I like it myself, even though it is not professional, it does not need to be it is a site about one of my home pet :D Well, nothing special really, I needed time to write all the content of the homepage and I will need to write more and clear the spelling mistakes I have done on some day I won’t be lazy. So here is the link:

Chinchilla homepage

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Faustas is online

February 28th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I got home and finished making the stuff with Faustas homepage, uploaded the files and made it online friendly, I quite like the layout, even though it is similar to my personal homepage.. I don’t care really, the old layout/site is still working and is online, but because the sites are using the same mysql table, the links on the old one won’t work and you’ll get errors, not all links though. ;) I fixed several php mistakes I have found, but nothing serious, more html stuff though. So here is the address you can see the Faustas homepage:

Faustas homepage

I am thinking of creating more sites about some stuff, but wait and see ;) This is stupid, isn’t it ? so what can I do if I living such a boring life :S

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New Design

February 27th, 2006 by Quatrux

As you read the post above on this Blog, I have something to say: Today I have created a new design for the Faustas site, currently I need to finish making the proper photos on the right sidebar, but it won’t take long, will need to make a little edition in the cms, but that is nothing. I spend all day on the design and decided to make it look the same as Quatrux homepage, except for with different colours and content, photos and so on. Well, it is late, that is why I have not finished it, time to learn some physics for tomorrow test and oh yea, we have maths test too, but I am to lazy, do not know what to do, so I will just go for some several hours sleep and learn tomorrow, oh yea, Today morning. Good night. ;)

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My Dog

February 26th, 2006 by Quatrux

I love my Dog, I know he loves me too and I know that he would be the only thing to miss me in this stupid world if I die, so I don’t want to hurt him and going to try and stay alive, hope I will succeed, hope not. :P

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February 25th, 2006 by Quatrux

Why do I always get close and good friends with girls ? I don’t want that to happen, never wanted. It was so much times, that after some time when I reveal my feelings, people start to say that they are amazed and thinks about me just like about good friend, what to do ? to start “fucking” them at the beginning ? and not be such a good guy ? I don’t understand one thing, how can I be a good friend to a female, if I usually talk nonsense, I laugh and jeer at almost everything, I am a nasty guy, I talk a lot about filthy stuff. This is lame! I hate myself and friendship. I don’t know how to talk, I hope I will understand one day that I am a gay, hahahahaha, hope not :D I hate myself, I am a looser, a big looser who is stupid and desperate and hopeless, I never get what I really want and everything is always not like I desire, I do what I don’t like, I am..

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February 25th, 2006 by Quatrux

It was Friday and I wanted to have some beer, much beer, because I can’t remember when I was under the influence of alcohol.. my stupid boring life, I am pissed of with it. Not a lucky person at all, why ? I always wonder why I am so unlucky. I drunk several litres in a pub and it was quite funny, as someone said I think I got sleepy there and my friend took me to the trolleybus, but some girl did not want me to go home and took me to some kind of a place I can’t remember, there was beer, but after some hours I managed to find the exit, but it was so late that no trolleybuses were going, so I was walking by foot with couple of cents in my pocket. I was trying to stop some cars, because the trip was quite long, over 20km to get home, but I managed to walk 80% of the way and couple of cars gave me a lift, thanks for them I got home and went to bed :D and This day was really really very hard, I feel very weak. ;)

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February 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

I have made some logos and banners and menus for my sites layout using Gimp. The technique I am using is really simple. I choose one font for the name of the site, it is a really good one from my fonts directory. I add some kind of an script for it from the Script-Fu and using gradients and stuff create the logo. It usually has some layers so I add some kind of transparent picture from stock images and work on it and make it look good in the background. Then I just use another font and make the same things for the menu, like news articles reviews etc. and make it smaller to fit into the logo place. I create how the menu look when on mouse over and when on mouse out, and later just cut it and create a html file out of it and integrate it into my layout. Later using colour picker, I choose the colours for use in CSS, links, backgrounds and stuff. And my simple layout just look great :P Gimp rules ;)

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Boring Life

February 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

I am living the most boring period in my life, I don’t do anything at all, when I started going to school again.. I wake up 20 minutes before school, wash up, dress up, don’t eat, do my homework fast and run to school. I do something there, come back after several hours and go to bed after having eating very much.. sleep for another 6 hours and when I wake up it is 21:00 :P having done nothing serious I walk around my house, drink some tea or something and if I am lucky I watch some TV or chat with someone on the computer and that is my life for the 4th day now. Isn’t it great ? Why can’t I code or do something ? I don’t want anything at all, just sleep and sometimes walk somewhere, my Life suck!

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My Personal Site

February 19th, 2006 by Quatrux

I have finished creating my personal site, I redesigned the layout and put it online: My Site

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New Design

February 16th, 2006 by Quatrux

I created a new design for the little Quatrux site and now when I finished it, I am really proud about it :D the logo, it really is great, the best graphics I ever created yet and the colours, wow – amazing, I really like this day. I added some javascript and changed some css, but not much work needed to be done to change everything, because my little cms is very nice and easy to use. I thought to program in php a little bit, but got to lazy, talking with a friend, so don’t want to do anything else.. and besides it is almost 1 AM and my head is empty, I was sitting near the computer since 11 AM, so that is a lot, but not my record.

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