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February 2nd, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I thought to get deeper into the science of dreaming, I thought that somebody should have done some researches, because I could not be the first one who would think of an idea to look at people while they are sleeping and research on their brain activity and eyes and muscles, how they work, what they do. So using google I did a little research and going to write what I have found from my mind.

The most common dreams are when you’re falling, flying, jumping, are naked and are being chased by somebody, dreams were always a mystery even in the 4000 B.C people wanted to know what they meant and everyone tried to explain them somehow, but today, science moved forward and it is much easier to understand it by doing different experiments. In our dreams we can be anybody, anywhere and see anyone, but we cannot really control it yet, the surroundings and people, yes I said yet, because while dreaming we use our thoughts and brain impulses and it is only a matter of time when we will be able to control them. In dreams we can understand that we are dreaming, but this effect usually does not take long, unless you’re in a deep sleep, there are rumors that the more touch, taste, smell you feel in your dreams, the more intelligent you are, I mean the more your brain is “better”, but it is not a proved fact. What human beings have in common is their dreams and the content of the dreams, so now I will describe some common dreams.

Naked – I dreamed a lot of dreams where I get naked and am embarrassed by that, but really, no one were noticing it, but still it was very strange, usually that means that you’re afraid of something, because your hiding something inside yourself, you’re vulnerable and shy, clothes hide you, but when you are naked you think that someone will reveal all the truth. These kind dreams might be telling you that you’re something that you really aren’t and that you are pretending. Furthermore, that you are afraid to reveal your true feelings to somebody. On the other hand, nudity also symbolizes being caught off guard, if you dream yourself naked in school or at work, it means that you’re unprepared for something, not ready and even can be exposed as a fraud or a phony. Nobody notice your nudity, usually, because you still are not caught, they all are up to their business, you only know it yourself, sometimes even you, yourself do not noticed it until it isn’t to late. But if you’re proud about your nudity in the dream, then it means that you don’t have anything to hide, no secrets, no shyness, a lot of freedom, you’re open to others.

Chased – I also dream that I am being chased and sometimes it is very easy to run, but sometimes it is so hard that you almost can’t move and the attacker who wants to injure or even kill you is always faster, but it is much better to dream when you run fast, that means that you’re strong and you leave your fear behind you. Usually we dream that we run, because we have physical problems in our real life, a lot of pressure and anxiety, we live quite stressful life and we can’t succeed to finish everything, so we just want to run away from it all. So the chaser often is you, your own feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, and possibly love, that is why it is suggested while dreaming this kind of dream, to stop and ask the chaser why are you hunting me, but usually that makes you wake up, because there is no answer, or you start to dream another dream. A fear of being attacked results in these kind of dreams too, usually among females, because hers are more afraid to be attacked, this is because of the violence in our society.

Flying – I like to dream when I am flying, it just makes me feel much better, free as a bird, but when I do understand that this is a dream, I usually start to fall down. Most of who when flying understand that they are flying and usually enjoys it with satisfaction. It shows that you’re on a top of some situation, shows how powerful you are, that you’re proud of yourself. But if you have difficulties in controlling your flight, like me for example, that shows the lack of power in different situations, trees, mountains, birds obstruct your flight, always try to look at the things that obstruct you, because it will be a person from your reality, that means: because of him, you can’t move forward in your life. If you’re afraid to fly, or think that it is to high, then it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and of success.

Falling – I dream a lot that I am falling, the popular myth is that you will never hit the ground, but I once did, in the period I was dreaming a lot of pain, it really hurt, but I did not die, when I woke up I felt 3 seconds of pain, I could not even say a word, all my muscles were tied up.. falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You feel tired and do not have control over something in your real life, when you fall you don’t have anything to hold on, everything is falling from your hands, you don’t trust yourself. It often shows your failures in different situations, relationships, even love, you lack sense of pride, you’re unable to keep it up, with your mistakes and failures. According to Freudian theory, dreams of falling indicate that you are contemplating giving into a sexual urge or impulse. You maybe lacking indiscretion. Also I found that the bible explains the falling dreams that you’re walking by your own made path and not by the Lord, but I think this idea sucks, but ideas are ideas. Some scientists believe that falling helps you to wake up, because in that period of the dream, the muscles react to the real life, if your body feels something bad, it sends an impulse to wake you up, that is why if you were dreaming that you were having love you start to fall and can see that someone is trying to kill you in your real life or something else of course when you wake up.

It seems that the most popular dreams are about when you are dreaming that your teeth is falling or is rotten, I do not really remember such dreams, so I did not read about it to much, just got my eyes on it, it seems it has a lot to do with power and appearance, but I never thought of my look, I don’t care about it, it usually is female problem, I don’t care how I look, so it seems that I do not dream this kind of shit. Other common dreams are when you dream different exams and tests, but as I give a lot of shit on school, I learn and thats all, I rarely am nervous about it, that is why I don’t dream this kind of shit too, so I think that there are a lot of truth here.

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