Stupid Day

February 2nd, 2006 by Quatrux

I woke up early at 5 AM as the previous day, this time to learn, the day at school has gone quite boring, there weren’t any maths, the only lessons I had was English, of course there were art and chemistry, but I spent it watching into one point, this is my favourite thing, to watch into one point, without sleeping. I had to do some work in school, I thought it will take only several hours, but I got home only at 7 PM, so I spent 11 hours at the fucking school, plus went to the shop to buy some tools. At home I ate a lot and watched TV and went to bed, but only now I understood how stupid my day was, I did not do anything at all, I hate that, but good that in these 3 hours I have, I will make a lot, even tidy my room and do my homework and stuff.

In addition, I stopped dreaming my dreams with pain, I think it is because of the drugs I am using, it really helped me to lower my stress and I sleep several hours more now, so that is great news, but I still dream the dreams where I think I know that I am dreaming and that all that is not real, I can’t recognise the reality yet with my made stuff and dreams.

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