and so it Happened..

February 10th, 2006 by Quatrux

..and so it happened.. at Last.. What to do now ? How to continue when you don’t want anything at all ? How to survive and get over all the shit ? Runaway and get a new life ? I wish that could be so easy.. Turn your emotions off and don’t care about anything except yourself, that is a good choice.. I need to start loving myself again, because now I think that I am a big idiot and I hate myself, I need to find a new mask in my closet and hide under it. I don’t see anything better, when you care about others, you start to forget yourself, then you care about yourself, you become bad, I like bad.. Thats it! Fuck all the world and all the problems, I don’t care, I’ll do what is the best for me. No help, no nothing, just me, myself and my.

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