February 10th, 2006 by Quatrux


At last got some of my Music back after the crash and after listening to a lot of bullshit music, I turned on Katatonia again, listened through all the albums I had: Jhva Elohim Meth The Revival, Dance Of December Souls, For Funerals to Come, Brave Murder Day, Discouraged Ones.. Katatonia really know how to play, their style is Dark Doom and later they moved to Emo Rock, some people say that there are some Black Metal reference. I like all the albums till the 1998 year, the sound just gets together, while other bands just are pathetic when listening to Katatonia. The expression of depression through music is wonderful, you can see a blend of gothic, rock and death/doom metal. They begun with progressive death metal, but after some time moved to more cleaner music. The drums, guitars and the vocal, all create an really good atmosphere, it is so pleasant to listen to them, the lyrics of different albums are different, which I can’t comment on so shortly. ;)

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  1. brotheris Says:

    Jo, stilių maišalynė :) )
    O bleko senuose albumuose tikrai yra

  2. Quatrux Says:

    O aÅ¡ per Å¡ias dienas DC++, kurį susitvarkiau, kad galÄ—tų pompuoti iÅ¡ active mode turinčių useriu, parsisiunčiau visus albumus jų ir komplikacijas ir epus, kurių trÅ«ko, tai toks Rock’as, nors internete vis tiek jie apibÅ«dinami kai kur, kaip Doom Metal arba net Heavy Metal, bet.. Å eip jų ir tie, nauji albumai tokie skirtingi. Vienas Dark Rock, kitas Gothic neÅ¡a, dar kiti Melancholic Rock, Emotional ir taip toliau, nors man jų tie visi labumai kažkuo labai panaÅ¡Å«s visi, netgi jų pagrindiniame puslapyje ne per daug informacijos. Atsisiunčiau ir kitų grupių, kurios nusigrojo vÄ—liau, Dark, The Gathering, Anathema.. kad užgirsti, kuo pasikeitÄ—. ;)

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