February 11th, 2006 by Quatrux

In school we had a party, 100 days until the end of school.. I, as a school leaver think that it was really pathetic, I was ashamed that I was in 12 form and that our class have made such a pathetic acting.. so much time and energy was put into it.. good that I did not do anything for it, that is why I could laugh really, really loud.. even though it was so pathetic, I really liked it due to this fact. I don’t remember when I was laughing so much.. Almost everything was miserable, the comments, 2 hours of comments on everything, like in the old cartoons “I will shoot you with my laser gun into your breast” Oh my God, I got a headache from the comments, the comments almost never were said in the right place.. The time periods between different things were long, to long and it was so unprofessional that I wanted to see my literature teacher bread party :D

They created some video and could not show it through a video player, they were using Windows Media Player and some other pirated software on the laptop, but could not show it, because the codecs weren’t set normally, that gave me a big laugh, they did not know what to do and started talking bullshit, reminds me of Bill Gates, when on one presentation Windows froze and needed a Reboot :D Pathetic, just pathetic, a tragedy, unsuccessful comedy, if they wanted that people would laugh out of them, they succeeded ;)

The 11 form acting shown to us, was a little boring, but fun and really much more organised and professional, I liked that, oh and we had a guest who helped for the pathetic acting, a dancer, she really knows how to move her hips, it was fun to watch something like that rather when see it on TV.

All to all, I criticised it, but now people could start saying to me: “try to do something like this yourself and you will know how hard it is” I know that myself, I am not stupid, but still it was PATHETIC. That is one of the reasons, I don’t volunteer anywhere, just sometimes where I know that I can do it easy and more to the perfect side, when I start doing something, I usually move to the perfect side, but I usually do not succeed and do not do anything at all to continue, just get angry and start blaming everyone around me, because of my mistakes.. That is me, I can’t help it, everything I want to do fails and everything I don’t want to do succeeds ;)

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  1. Pirat_katoryj_UBJOT_Miru Says:

    nu sutinku su tavo nuomone, bet cia dar nieko nesako,vat gausim video tai galesim platint ir tyciotis i valias, gaila kad nepaminejai apdovanojimus :D

  2. mira_kurva_paslednija Says:

    blet nx nesamone, kurva tiesa sakai, blet ruosesi blet dahuja ir nieko neparode, ai klystu,- parode blet kokie jie yra nx protingi, ypac kai soko nx tie striptiza ar ka ten nx, jau nebeatsimenu. ( nulis judesiu, minus emociju)!!!!

  3. nu_bobos_persistenge_ahujenai Says:

    tai jo savus senus pazystamus isvarom, o narkomanus pasiliekam blet.
    Um tai nu nx blet blet

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