February 25th, 2006 by Quatrux

It was Friday and I wanted to have some beer, much beer, because I can’t remember when I was under the influence of alcohol.. my stupid boring life, I am pissed of with it. Not a lucky person at all, why ? I always wonder why I am so unlucky. I drunk several litres in a pub and it was quite funny, as someone said I think I got sleepy there and my friend took me to the trolleybus, but some girl did not want me to go home and took me to some kind of a place I can’t remember, there was beer, but after some hours I managed to find the exit, but it was so late that no trolleybuses were going, so I was walking by foot with couple of cents in my pocket. I was trying to stop some cars, because the trip was quite long, over 20km to get home, but I managed to walk 80% of the way and couple of cars gave me a lift, thanks for them I got home and went to bed :D and This day was really really very hard, I feel very weak. ;)

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