February 25th, 2006 by Quatrux

Why do I always get close and good friends with girls ? I don’t want that to happen, never wanted. It was so much times, that after some time when I reveal my feelings, people start to say that they are amazed and thinks about me just like about good friend, what to do ? to start “fucking” them at the beginning ? and not be such a good guy ? I don’t understand one thing, how can I be a good friend to a female, if I usually talk nonsense, I laugh and jeer at almost everything, I am a nasty guy, I talk a lot about filthy stuff. This is lame! I hate myself and friendship. I don’t know how to talk, I hope I will understand one day that I am a gay, hahahahaha, hope not :D I hate myself, I am a looser, a big looser who is stupid and desperate and hopeless, I never get what I really want and everything is always not like I desire, I do what I don’t like, I am..

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