What a weekend

March 5th, 2006 by Quatrux

I thought I will have an ordinary weekend, but it wasn’t so ordinary at all.. Just in school, on the history lesson I was invited to go to my friends village which is over 54 kilometers from the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, the car was a red WV Golf, which for a long time was in a garage, so this was one of the interesting things. I liked this impromptu, just after school I took my things and we went there :D I had eaten something too, we did not have a lot of money, together over 100 litas, so we only bought 2,5 of litres of vodka and 12 litres of Beer, there was only 4 of us, but as for only one day it was alright.

I really laughed a lot all that day, even went to the jacuzzi and as it was winter, the lake was frozen, so we were rolling in the snow, but the next day I didn’t feel any pain :D oh, now a lot of pain, but my health is alright. :) I came back at Saturday, I even visited my cousin there, but as I did not have time, I only spend about 8 minutes to talk with him, I didn’t see him for 12 years :D We did not have any problems with the car or driving. But when I came back, I eventually went to drink elsewhere, to the city :D downtown and into the bar again and after having some beer we went home, but on the way there we met some tourists from Poland and managed to drink with them even more, so all ended at 2 A.M – I drove home with a friend in a Taxi :D I feel to tired to write this stuff, so night ;)

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