such an Easy Week

March 16th, 2006 by Quatrux

Darn, I just understood that this week was really easy, I did not need to go to school at Monday, because it was a national celebration, not a day to work, so I thought that on Tuesday I will have maths and physics test and I learned quite a lot about electricity and functions, but what do you think ? Yes, There were no teachers for physics, maths and informatics so all the day we just did nothing special, slept at school. On Wednesday I could not attend in school, but as I knew the lessons was shorten and there only have been two English lessons and people could go home, incredible ? Today at Thursday, it also was easy, I did some literature and P.T. lesson, was playing football in the sports hall and quite liked it, but I hurt my foot a bit, but nothing serious.. after P.T one English lesson, just did some tests and away we go home after some bullshit in school. :D And I remembered that tomorrow there won’t be three History lessons because the teacher is on vacation.. So that means only two or three lessons, I really like this week. ;)

Furthermore, I need to remember what I was doing after class and don’t really remember.. I spend my time with my dog and computer I guess. OH yea, I did some sports at my gym in the basement, did not do anything for a long time and now all my muscles hurt very much and with addition of my physical work and Today’s football, I feel like after a car accident. ;)

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