I don’t get it

March 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

What happened ? I hate this feeling, when I don’t want anything, but still am doing something.. Now I am just waiting for it to vanish. These week was a normal boring week, even though it is only Thursday, I am saying this week, because I didn’t really do something on it and won’t do. I just was speaking for English lessons about crime and got a good mark, oh I just remembered.. we were writing an literature interpretation about one book, I hope I will get a good mark, but I know that for my spelling and style that bitch will give me a bad mark.. I have 2 months to learn to write without mistakes.. :D

After school I was just enjoying my time somewhere outside, beer, friends, no girls :D what a relief. By the way, my sound system broke and I don’t really listen to music, but Yesterday my brother gave me some headphones, so I don’t here how my mother is calling me or if somebody rings the bell :D

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