Did I start to Learn ?

March 31st, 2006 by Quatrux

Now I am thinking about, did I really start to learn much more ? and work much more too ? I again sleep for only average of 5 hours and usually at day/evening time, due to at night the Internet speed is faster and I can work better. I get up early to read history or physics and do my homework, because at mornings my head is fresh, not like at midnights, when every muscle feels tired. I learned javascript together with html dom and dhtml in about 7 hours, but I still did not use everything particularly, I made some nice ideas how to use js for my panel, but I mainly did this, because of AJAX, I am using AJAX at my panel.

Did I mention that I totally changed my CMS ? now it is called Q SiteCMS which works really nice, now the Panel is much more comfortable and some bugs were removed and eventually a lot of code added, rewritten functions and stuff. The queries to the mysql database got different and I created two users for my mysql database, one which is only allowed to SELECT to view the content and other for the PANEL which is only allowed to SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and I don’t DELETE anything, I just use TRUE on ‘deleted’ field, TRUE = 1. By the way, I ruined my database online, by running a stupid query, I forgot to add WHERE `id`=’24′ and it changed all of the fields to a same value :D so I needed to use a backup, which hadn’t some articles, I needed to rewrite them :(

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