What a Day

March 2nd, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I woke up early Today and had a morning bath, so I felt good, I even had some appetite in the morning, can you believe that ? In school, I did quite a lot, even the P.T lesson, but I didn’t get lucky with English, I got seriously a tough test which I couldn’t really do, it was to hard for me, so I gave up, wasted to much energy. Later I wrote another, the third maths test this week and I did quite well to look how others do the tests, but maybe I will be average again :D So after that I felt quite tired, but I needed to do another laboratory test for chemistry, so I felt really tired, as I said before, I am not used to doing so much, because 4 years I was living a lazy life :D

When I came home, I felt really happy, as always I ate a lot and went to bed, but after sitting some time near the computer, I cleaned up my picture collection a bit and my friend came and called me to go to the yard, another friend was with his car so we got some beer and had really some fun time together, laughing and stuff, but when I went home, just near my flat yard doors I met some more alcoholics, so I went to my basement gym to spent some time, we talked and stuff, ate some chips, but nothing special really, more laughing, quite a pathetic time spending as a matter of fact. Now I am home and I will soon go to bed, will again wake up early and study something. ;)

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What a fuzz

March 1st, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, seems that I did quite a lot in these 3 days and I feel tired. Especially today having done so much, I am not used to such activity :D I made so much things on the computer yesterday, I woke up early and learned English, the same morning I wrote my essay in English about celebrities and media, later done lots of maths and spoke the English homework, oh my gosh, I even did something on chemistry lesson in school and later I needed to create a thing for the art lesson, but I did not finish it, I am working together with a friend, but he did most of the job. So on the last maths lesson I gave up and came home – ate a lot, slept for a while, worked on the computer and later went to sleep, I did not get asleep, but I relaxed. I woke up from my bed and started to clean my room and you know how it finished ? I tidied up my flat and even done my homework in the evening, I give up, I will soon go to bed, good night! ;)

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