I caught a Disease

April 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

I caught a Disease, but I still don’t know what kind of, due to I never go to hospitals/clinics and etc. Maybe I am mad ? or maybe I am addicted to computer or even alcohol ? how to get over this ? I need to sort out my Life, but I am really to lazy to do that and besides when I thought how to be a good person, chatty and friendly I always would need to be under the influence of alcohol, which I don’t really want. I don’t really care, I just don’t think about it and walk with a smile, thinking that a life full of bullshit is fun, I wouldn’t really enjoy a full-fledged life, I just know that everything will be alright and what I do is my choice. Being a school leaver and when exams are coming is something new, you feel some fear, so what ? Fear is good, I rarely feel it, that is why I like it, but I am not afraid ? Life continues even though you did a lot of bullshit, which I really enjoy.

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