These Days

April 9th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I was working hard on these Days to Improve the Personal homepage CMS, well as you see below or maybe not, I have added a lot of security, but in these days I have learned a lot of new things, so now my site runs on a Template and I have wrote some more stuff and now I have a Database Wrapper, I am using a Database class for better usage and stuff.

Furthermore, I made my Site available as real xHTML and run as XML application, also it can be viewed as XML and WML, yes a Mobile WAP version was added, even though I think it is crazy, I did this to have some practice with WAP and WML, but in fact they are easy to use, there isn’t anything special about it. XML has more problems, I need it to work with all the major browsers properly so it requires me some HTTP ACCEPT and USER AGENT checks, with which I am particularly working, different browsers support it differently and I want that old browsers would work too. My current problem is XLS with which am I pissed off, but I think that after a good rest, I will continue and integrate CSS and XLS stylesheets in my XML version.

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Site Security ?

April 2nd, 2006 by Quatrux

Every Site wants to be secure ? right ? Well, I think I have overdone, but I feel alright now, I totally rewrote my Quatrux theSite CMS and now it is very secure, in fact I can run several sites on it in different directories.. cool isn’t it ? there are library files which is always used, they are placed in a non public directory, I mean /home/user/private/theSite-library/ which are included with php include function. No one can access that directory except for the owner of the files, ftp user and I made a quite cool chmod for it.

The site runs on one index.php file which has several lines to define stuff, and some files in /dir/ directory which is protected by password using .htaccess so no one can access it except for php, perl etc. all the passwords in settings file are hashed using random hasher numbers and I just check the value and never can know it, but for mysql passwords I made it like this ? decrypt($settings['mysql']['password']); and it returns the value, this function is my own written custom function. The other files is just the template for the site. :)

I made two mysql users for my database, one which is selected when you’re browsing the site, his privileges is only to use SELECT and another who is selected while browsing the Panel, it can SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT and nothing more, my database is frequently backed up automatically if something was changed in the panel. :D

The PHP scripts are written nicely and does not throw any errors, I have changed to xHTML 1.0 Transitional and it is Valid, same as CSS. In Fact I am waiting for CSS 3 version :D and with time I will integrate AJAX on my Panel for easy usage, I have learned javascript, now only need practice. ;)

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April Fool’s Day

April 1st, 2006 by Quatrux

Today in the morning I remembered that it is April Fool’s Day, so I fooled several friends a little, but nothing special, I didn’t really enjoy it, I think this day isn’t so special anymore, maybe, due to that I am to lazy to fool someone or waste time on it ? It isn’t fun anymore.

Hope I won’t get fooled Today, but it is Saturday, so nowhere to get fooled unless going outside, but I remember in the past, people were enjoying this day much more, now they live a frenetic life and is always in a hurry/rush and does not have time to think of something.. Anyway I just finished writing my first Application for Windows. ;)

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