Information Technology Exam

May 26th, 2006 by Quatrux

I didn’t thought that it will be so hard, but in some way it was quite easy, i did the test with only one mistake, I think so, but I couldn’t make the two programs with pascal in the practical test.. I hope i will still get some points for it, because I made a lot of stuff, but I just did not have time.. Pascal is not for me, give me PHP with MySQL :D

Well, I saw the school IT exam and I think I could have made it in 20 minutes.. for the national one – 3 hours wasn’t enough for me, but I liked it, it was something I always wanted to feel, other people knew about computers even better than me – or maybe not, I think not, but they had more practice with Pascal, I just had a lot of practice with PHP and knew Pascal sintax, besides maths is a little bit of a problem for me, so.. I just had one problem, that my type Data1 = record x,y :integer; did not work properly, so I imagined the program compile in my head, well I need to sleep, night ;)

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I hate Exams

May 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

I hate Exams, but mostly the people who are making them! I don’t know if they were at school for at least a week! Anyway, I am Mad, but I know I will pass, but I want high results.. I wrote an essay of two A4 format pages and now I think its a real bullshit, because I overshoot the subject.. I wrote about prose stuff, but needed to write about poesy – hope they will spare me and give me more points, because its quite a good master piece, screw them! Their subjects were stupid enough, even though this was only a school (M) exam and not national. :(

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Another Exam

May 22nd, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, tomorrow, at Wednesday I will have another exam, this time its from my mother tongue Lithuanian, I will need to write an interpretation.. I think it will be quite easy and I am not nervous, due t I don’t really care about the mark, I just want to pass it, but of course I want a higher one.. In school I was writing great interpretations, but I had problems with grammar and sometimes style, so this is what makes me nervous, because the next day after tomorrow I will have the real test, which I want to get as much % as possible. Anyway, I don’t spend much time on the computer and I am quite lazy to write something serious, I see that my traffic has lowered a lot on different Blogs and I am not active on different forums and communities due to my headache. :P

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Mathematics Exam

May 17th, 2006 by Quatrux

I am just back from Mathematics Exam and feel depressed a little, because I could have done much better.. but my stupid starting messed up the things, so I lost about an hour of hard work :S Well, I think I will pass it! Now I need to go for some beer and discuss all the answers with my friends who also spend their time there. ;)

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I am Doomed

May 9th, 2006 by Quatrux

I need to finish a lot or my semester will be really bad.. I wanted to close my eyes a little and got asleep.. fucking bad, isn’t it ? now it is almost midnight and I need to make some chemistry projects and art lessons stuff, because I didn’t do them for half of year, stupid me, I just made myself extra problems.. Furthermore, Economics projects and a like, hope I will do everything, because.. I want to even though I am to lazy.. Besides, Today I got good news, I didn’t pass the maths test, Ha! this is really bad, I don’t like maths anymore.

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Learning for Exams

May 8th, 2006 by Quatrux

I spend a lot of time studying stuff for my exams, well I really am afraid now, I didn’t use to be afraid, because I didn’t learn to much and thought that I need only to pass them, but now when my head is full of information, I want higher results. I want to achieve high results and even though I wake up at mornings, do maths, go to school, after school do history, then informatics, then some physics and the cycle continues, everyday I get new infos. Sometimes I think if I would be learning like that half year ago ? I would really get ready for them, but now I have problems with maths, I want high results, but I understand now that I don’t know maths, maths to get at least 80-99% :S I want to comeback to 11 form and learn really hard, I started to like reading stuff, getting some basic knowledge is good for you, stop for alcohol! stop laziness! No, don’t Stop! Good that I am smart! I am a Smart Ass, was lazy for 112 years and before exams started learning HA! Stupid Me! I hate Myself, why don’t I learn for English and Lithuanians exam ? I don’t care :P

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At Last Something Serious

May 8th, 2006 by Quatrux

So many years have past from the Time IH (InitialHost) went down, I always wanted to reopen something like Free Web Hosting and even offer more Services and now when I got a Server which can host quite a lot of people, the dream came true ? or the time has come ? I registered another domain, this time it is called and it stands for Dave and Quatrux Zone, Online Services including Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting, which is really cheap and reliable. Today I finished making the layout for DQ Zone and we like it! Will need to write content for it and what I have never done before is making a skin for PHPBB, we decided to use PHPBB Software as our Support and Discussion Forum and I will try to make the skin look like the layout and even will install the forum in the root directory. So this is the first happy days, hope exams will be good and I will finish them and will have all the summer until the University to create stuff, I am fed up with alcohol, time to Take over the Web! ;)

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Projects finished

May 7th, 2006 by Quatrux

Woot! I have finished the site CMS, now it is complete and I will only update it.. In fact it is the first project I finished completely, my sites can run on it easily, I will just need to write some plugins for extra work, planning to write Statistics, Guestbook, Comments plugins soon.. The three sites (Quatrux, Faustas and Chinchilla) are finished, so now I have planned to create some sites which in my opinion can make me some more unique visits, it is about Google Adsense and about Chuck Norris, yeah he is immortal :D Furthermore, planning to reopen some of my old sites, the Gallery and an IRC channel site with several pages and a shout box, has to be easy, but I lack time and am lazy so it will take some time, because I am also planning to translate all my content to Lithuanian, my mother tongue – it gets me extra visits.

Moreover, I am still planning to reopen the Q Zone network, but I it is still 5% finished, I need a lot of coding to do.

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