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May 7th, 2006 by Quatrux

Woot! I have finished the site CMS, now it is complete and I will only update it.. In fact it is the first project I finished completely, my sites can run on it easily, I will just need to write some plugins for extra work, planning to write Statistics, Guestbook, Comments plugins soon.. The three sites (Quatrux, Faustas and Chinchilla) are finished, so now I have planned to create some sites which in my opinion can make me some more unique visits, it is about Google Adsense and about Chuck Norris, yeah he is immortal :D Furthermore, planning to reopen some of my old sites, the Gallery and an IRC channel site with several pages and a shout box, has to be easy, but I lack time and am lazy so it will take some time, because I am also planning to translate all my content to Lithuanian, my mother tongue – it gets me extra visits.

Moreover, I am still planning to reopen the Q Zone network, but I it is still 5% finished, I need a lot of coding to do.

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