Learning for Exams

May 8th, 2006 by Quatrux

I spend a lot of time studying stuff for my exams, well I really am afraid now, I didn’t use to be afraid, because I didn’t learn to much and thought that I need only to pass them, but now when my head is full of information, I want higher results. I want to achieve high results and even though I wake up at mornings, do maths, go to school, after school do history, then informatics, then some physics and the cycle continues, everyday I get new infos. Sometimes I think if I would be learning like that half year ago ? I would really get ready for them, but now I have problems with maths, I want high results, but I understand now that I don’t know maths, maths to get at least 80-99% :S I want to comeback to 11 form and learn really hard, I started to like reading stuff, getting some basic knowledge is good for you, stop for alcohol! stop laziness! No, don’t Stop! Good that I am smart! I am a Smart Ass, was lazy for 112 years and before exams started learning HA! Stupid Me! I hate Myself, why don’t I learn for English and Lithuanians exam ? I don’t care :P

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