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June 28th, 2006 by Quatrux

Nothing new here, I am living quite a boring life style, even though it is summer.. I wake up early in the morning, eat, pack my things and go to work.. I come back tired from it and don’t want to do anything except to watch TV or chat through Skype or some other messenger.. all my projects are getting slowly, I hate myself, I need mood.. Now I again have that depression and stress and similar stuff.. nothing to do, nowhere to go, go away beer! Well, I hope I will overcome it or I hope everything will get worse, that in the future I would feel that Today was a much better day than the future, You all Suck! I Suck!

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  1. Millenium Says:

    Take some break and drink lots of botttles beer ! Math is cool :D . TV sucks as heaven. Cheers !

  2. Millenium Says:

    float function( int bottles, float time,(function*)(int, float )
    float s = (function*)(bottles,time );
    return s;

    float Drink(int bottles,float time)
    return ((bottles*time)/24);

    int main()

    some math and stuff like that and there ya go! Programming sometimes is cool..

  3. Quatrux Says:

    Thanks Millenium ;) go and get some Beer :Beer:

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