Does GOD Exist?

January 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

Many people do not believe in in God anymore, because religion became ‘Darwinism’, hanging on the evolution theory, thinking that it is based on science. So it really depends on what kind of person you are, as well as how you were raised, where you live etc.

I am not a religious person, I just like to stay neutral, even though I believe in some kind of a “creator”, but creator of what? Definitely not humans, because that in some way is proved by science.. but nevertheless, I think that now God is only our imagination, no one has prove he exists, we just believe in something we created our selfs, we even created “love” and “fate”.. we created numbers and mathematics, we created ..1010 1000 0001.. we agreed on what we created. So in some way, we are the “creators” but we, the creators do not know who created us, the galaxy, the universe.. so we believe in theories which were created by us.. Ever thought what animals think? In some way we are animals too, just that we are more intelligent than they, but sometimes I can argue about that.. Who is the God of a dog? Monkey? We definitely are not Gods to them, even though we deal with their fate. If we have one God, how the monotheism idea states it, so the same Jesus Christ father and Allah is their God? The dog has to learn from the Bible or Koran? Any wise men would say this is bullshit – the God we imagine doesn’t exist and I hope never will exist or over wise we will kill him, due to we are humans, it is very easy to foresee our actions.

In some way, I believe that the word God stands for something we don’t know, for example in the ancient Greece, we didn’t know why lightning appeared, so we created a God of lightning, it is logical, we don’t know what is the last number in the mathematics, so we have an object -8 +8 just the letter 8 is horizontal, not vertical. We don’t know yet, but everything is changing with time, we know more and more and maybe we one day will reach a such knowledge that we will reach the God and our mission will be over, maybe.. We have a wide imagination and can think of a lot of things.. People used to believe that the World is flat, so we have different theories what kind of form the universe is, but maybe the future people will be laughing from us, because they will know it. Learning and knowing the History is good for our present and even the Future. Religion needed to show the path of good to the people, to show an example how to life, to create some kind of an order, to give an aim in your life, to create something incredible – utopia, but it failed.. Religion just brought bad and evil among people.. All the history is based on wars, most of the wars are religious, most of the bad things are hidden with the name of God. If this idea is right, then when God disappears in our society, we, animals will only fight and start wars for women and money – something useful, due to it is better than fighting for something in our imagination, for things which does not exist, such as God, who didn’t give anything useful to the people and the world, everything was done by Man, with his own hands and head and who created the universe? It evolved itself, but somebody needed to “turn it on”.. Big Bang? We can’t fully explain it, there are lots of data about this, the universe center, how everything is moving from it even Today, but that is astronomy, so read about it yourself, because there is no God.. Wait, there is God over there, because everything we don’t know is created by God.

Doing something against the laws and humanity by the name of God? It is stupid, laws aren’t perfect, because we created them, politicians are more stupid than most of us, it is just their job to write and publish laws, that order would exist, because the 10 laws of God isn’t enough in our society today. Besides, did God say that if you die for me or kill for me I will be glad? We the stupid humans thought of it, in the war the troops were the same religion, they both prayed for him, asked for help, so how does the God decide whom to help to? What is the difference to God between a Christian and a Muslim? when our knowledge will become superior, we will become Gods, but that won’t happen soon, because currently there are more chances we will kill our selfs and become obsolete – it is easier to destroy than build, we can think a lot, but the most easiest thing to say is God will decide what to do with us and when you die you will see that only dust or bones will be left from you, you’ll be history and only it will remember you.

On this subject no one is right, no one is false, it is a lifestyle, if you believe it or not, I can create my own religion and can find people which will believe it, in some way the Church, Christians is a sect having the most members, same for any other religion. But people start to believe in God when something bad happens, like you are near death, why everyone is so atheistic, but when you are in a critical condition or almost dead, you start to pray to God? You start to believe in God? Maybe it is because you’re afraid of death and don’t want to burn in Hell, because you know you have made a lot of evil in your life.. Humans are not perfect and I think there is nothing perfect, moreover philosophy can’t answer anything, it just gives more questions, every individual should have their own philosophy about what is truth and what is the point of life, just today these questions are said to be stupid and childish, because we have bigger importance for surviving and getting money and God is getting somewhere behind us.. Telling the truth new technologies appear so fast that it is moving faster than evolution, to adopt for so much information we need a much “better” brain, I mean our brain cells should work faster, but you can’t do it in 10 or 100 years. Moreover, the society is getting more stupid, the most important thing today is money and your job, do the job and watch TV, I won’t talk about how they advertise sex these days, it seems that it is the only thing we need from our life’s – Man has become the most disgusting living thing on earth, because he depart the 10 laws of God. To make a conclusion, a man should believe even to something which in reality does not exist, he needs to fool himself and face all the untruth, but of course must seek for his objectives with God or without God, thats the difference – he does not exist, he does not do anything.. All is you, your character, your mood and health and health depends on your disposition, if you feel dead, than you are dead..

Man is still changing because of the evolution, eventually the body parts we don’t need will disappear with time.. Human brain does not function on full power, we don’t really need it to function so well, but everything will change, due to the 21 century will be a biology century – we will change ourself, we will change into a better for us environment – that means we will go against God and will move from his word even further. I won’t see the result of this, but my grand kids children will see it.. Everything changed very fast, if Ceaser saw XIX century France, he wouldn’t be surprised, but if Napoleon saw the end of XX century – he would be very surprised.. Moreover, if J. Bush saw XXII century, he would be even more surprised, but maybe not, due to J. Bush saw lots of fantasy movies about space like Star Wars and Startrek and in those time not a lot of people read Jules Verne, no one believed. So we must admit that totally new times have come and traditional life style is not suitable for us, we have to forget the body guard which was created in ancient times – God, thinking logically we can’t expect anything from him, but if the Church would officially say this, God would really disappear and that I wouldn’t really want to happen, because a Man fooling himself and believing in something what does not exist really helps himself, relaxes, aren’t so afraid of death, because he knows that God will take care of him after death. A man feels much better after a confession to a priest, even thought Today you can confess to Police, Doctors, Psychologists and others, just their words aren’t blessed. I respect people who believe, who does not force to believe others, its very nice to believe in something? doesn’t it? Maybe it is one of the most nicest things we have.. I believe too, but I believe differently – I believe that I still don’t know a lot.

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