January 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

For some time I was searching for this band, I remember I used to listen to them, but later forgot the band name and only some time ago I found them again, they are one of the best bands for me, especially their album Doomsword – Doomsword made in 1999 year! I would call it Epic Traditional Doom Metal, even though on last dot fm I saw different tags too, but anyway Doomsword is an Italian epic metal band It was in September 1997 when Deathmaster, a member of the extreme metal band Agarthi, decided to give birth to one of his musical dreams: the creation of an epic metal act in the way of his favorite bands of the 80’s. He immediately asked to Guardian Angel to take part in his project, and he agreed to work with Deathmaster…..on the same day, they were already writing the songs: Doomsword were born.

More: Doomsword official Website

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