While Heaven Wept

January 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

By accident I found this band and I really liked it, especially the vocal, but it wouldn’t sound like that without the slow music, I would categorize it under Epic Doom Metal.. when listening to their best album Of Empires Forlon I want to sing, it really is relaxing and the words has meaning, the music.. mmm.. Slow, heavy epic doom metal with clean vocals, their album ‘Sorrow of the angels’ picks up where Candlemass left off with ‘Nightfall’ and is a true must for Candlemass fans, older work shows a more death/doom face and even encorperates grunts (when nessary the band still very very sporadically uses grunts on newer work as well, like in one track on ‘Of Empires Forlorn’). Newer work sees the band growing to extreme musical hight, composing some of the most epic and grand sounding Doom-metal around on the face of the earth.

More: While Heaven Wept official Website

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