my First University Exam

January 11th, 2007 by Quatrux

I got amazed, it surprised me a bit, I really thought it will be much more harder, everyday (I don’t mean every) I spend about an hour or two to read the programming 1 theory book, but I was just analyzing it and answered the 41 questions given by the professor, so by almost 3 days left for the exam I answered all the questions, but at that time I celebrated Christmas, New Year – which lasted about 4 days and many more stuff.. I thought, Oh my God, exam is here already, so spend 5 hours learning what the hell I wrote and I was quite successful, the same day I went for a beer, I thought I will drink a little but it all ended as another party when I got influenced by beer, I didn’t sleep home, the next day I had an awful headache and stomachache as usually, but when walking my dog I met my friend, so I thought I will go for a beer to heal myself.. It helped me, but I spend all my day, came home only at 22h, so I had 11 hours left for the exam!
You think I fucking learned? I wanted, but still spend my time by chatting and watching TV, woke up early in the morning, been sleeping approximately 3 hours, thought to learn a little, but ah Fuck everything what moves, next time… Near the university I thought I will shit myself and always thought how stupid I am, but I saw the 3 exam questions, they were so easy, I was really lucky and it is my lucky stone which helped me, I answered all the questions and went home.. Yeah.. Bullshit, the questions were about logical operations or, and, no etc., then about forms of numbers in computer and about searching address’s in computer random access memory (RAM) Blah, Blah.. I like it, I wonder how will my other exams end, especially maths theory.. ;(

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