Want to start learning C++ or C?

January 30th, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, I now can write programs in C++, but that isn’t anything special at all without the extra stuff like DirectX or OpenGL for games and of course something like a user interface, think I in the future will start to play with QT, but I want to become a bit bigger master to control Cpp, due to now I am only a beginner.. I know a lot of other languages and a lot of basic stuff, so learning C++ was really easy. I am using the Open source IDE called Dev-C++, you can easily find it on google and if you’re using standard C++ or C stuff, then you won’t have any compiling issues.. Some people I know are using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, it is more resource hungry, but is much more powerful and I don’t think I need any power, therefore it is enough for me to play around.. I started to learn it myself for the University, but still, my favourite hobby will be PHP with MySQL and HTML/CSS/JS/XML with the AJAX technology, due to it is in my blood.. but things might change.. So I found to websites, with which you can easily learn Cpp, a very good tutorial/tutorials and more resources are on this site: Cpp programming In fact, only using that site you can become a master, but of course only with practical work.. and a very good reference, which I found to be easy and simple and user friendly is here: Cpp Reference With these two websites you can easily learn these languages.. So just wanted to share. ;)

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