Went back to Q Zone CMS writing

January 31st, 2007 by Quatrux

I don’t really remember why I dumped it, maybe because I was lazy or maybe because of my time lack, but after seeing my little, but very powerful CMS for my main site Q-Zone which was known in the past as Q network and even Q website, but anyway, the script is programmed so well and is so powerful, that I was amazed and started working on it again.. I can’t find all my mysql tables with fields, so will need to remake them somehow from the script itself, which is quite hard.. Moreover I remembered why I dumped it.. my Database class is so big, that I have lots of stuff to do with it and it is really hard for me to test it.. I am not used to use it and have some difficulties.. My other theSite CMS is smaller and also is using that class, but it is much lighter, because it didn’t need most of the functions..Oh well, I still have 5 days left of my holidays, so going to spend them somehow. ;)

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