Angry Nintendo Nerd

February 16th, 2007 by Quatrux

I saw this guy on his site, my friend gave me a link and I am really happy that on my free time I watched his videos, due to I am also a retro gamer and like to play with some emulators and even on my real still working Amiga1200! This guy was very good, I laughed a lot, especially at the beginning, due to I was watching his videos from his first one, to the last one.. His comments were good about those games and his look/appearance and speech also was funny, especially the beer thing ;D All I can say, is that only two games he commented wasn’t as bad as he told, to much swearing on them, I used to play Top Gun and I really like it, especially the multiplayer mode and all I can say that it was easy for me to land on the ship and finish those missions! Furthermore, Double Dragon III, I finished that game on NES with my friend in multiplayer mode, it was hard, but it was a good game, he also was swearing to much on it, it didn’t deserve so much comments. But Anyway, still it was COOL! ;)

You can find the videos and watch yourself here, due to the Angry Nerd is going to get you to :D

Angry Nintendo Nerd

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