Moved from tables to divs!

February 23rd, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, at last, I moved from table designs to divs, I sticked with tables, due to I was a guy who used to use them for old browser support, but as less and less people browse with IBrowse and AWeb, I am really working further and using CSS for designs now as all “normal” webdesigners.. But I found one thing why tables are better than divs, you don’t have such control over tables, but you can do anything with them and it is much easier to have a nowrap design with 3 columns than with css, with css it is impossible, you have a choice of fixed width or a fluid design, or elastic, but it doesn’t work as with tables.. So, when your text is longer and you don’t want to break the line, you have to live with it that the text will get over the sidebar or whatever and will look horrible.. so you don’t need to have such words and need to use the right way with font sizes and etc. ;) But using CSS divs you save space, pages load faster and it is easier to do PHP with them, especially in loops, but also with template engines, it is useless.. as someone said to me – I have to remember, that tables isn’t CSS, furthermore, I know even more hate the fucking IE! :P

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