my First programming in C lecture

February 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

I wanted to laugh, but I was to sad to see it all.. Well, but that is how it should be, I was thinking about things like that, but somewhere deep inside me.. You know about what the young professor was talking? About data-types in C language, for example: int, char and float, double.. how they work and what is the difference between = operator and == and of course that there is FALSE which is 0 and TRUE all the other left integer numbers or maybe also floating point.. Well all the really really basic stuff, like #include and about the functions scanf(); and printf(); Well, I think I told it much better than he did, because he took more than an hour to say everything. ;D and I remember I learned this stuff myself by reading the tutorial’s lesson 1 on cprogramming dot net about c made easy.. and I took 9 minutes and I think that most of my colleagues didn’t understand a thing! ;D Well, this might be easy for me, so..

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first Day in University

February 5th, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, not the first one, but the first one of the second semester.. It was really awful, for the first time in those days I needed to wake up at about 6h in the morning, I used to go to bed at such time sometimes, so it was really awful.. I thought I will go to sleep at about 23h, but I still went at 1h and 30 minutes at night.. but I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t used to go to sleep so early so I think I got asleep at about 4 in the morning.. woke up after two hours.. felt fine, went to university, the first lecture took about 9 minutes, but I waited much more, then I found out that there won’t be any second lecture, so I needed to wait for the third one.. the third one – we needed to play a little with maple, so again it took only about 10 minutes furthermore, I still needed to wait for the 4th lesson, but there weren’t any free audience for us, so after a long wait I needed to go home by bus, but I remembered I have to take some books from the library, so I went to the library.. I was glad I didn’t need to wait there for a long time and after I cam home, I walked my dog and ate a bit and got asleep.. Woke up half hour ago and really feel terrible.. Fucking start, but maybe I will have a fucking Good End ;)

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Google search vs Wikipedia

February 4th, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, I noticed that I am searching Wikipedia much more often now than Google for information and I see rather good links to different pages from the subject I am looking into in wikipedia page.. So I believe I am not the only one, due to usually my search string from google gives a link to wikipedia which I usually know has the information I want to and maybe even links to other good websites about that subject or my search string.. But of course, some things doesn’t exist in wikipedia, which can exist on search engines, but for some time I also noticed that Google when made that page rank technology, the first websites in the search are very stupid and similar stuff, I need to go through until the 3 page to find what I want to, so I used to like google before much more, even though a lot of whom were using the keywords of the websites by cheating and stuff.. Well, that is just my thought for Today. ;)

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Gaim is working Again

February 1st, 2007 by Quatrux

Well, the Windows version of Gaim 1.x for me didn’t work very well, a lot of problems with connecting to different messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, AIM/ICQ and of course IRC.. I thought that my passwords were wrong or something or accounts expired, but when I tried other messengers like Miranda or Trillian, everything worked, but they really sucked, I didn’t like the User Interface and available options, so I dumped them and didn’t sit online on those Messengers at all except IRC using compiled XChat from source code on Windows and also spent my time on Skype and some Web portals.. I also tried the official MSN and AIM, Yahoo messengers, but they sucked even more, I don’t understand how people can use those at all!!!! Now after Gaim 2.x Beta6 was released I can sit online again and I am really happy to use Gaim again.. As I understand, soon Gaim 2 will be final.. ;)

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It is so amazing, Winter

February 1st, 2007 by Quatrux

Wow, I was so amazed.. I went to walk my dog, almost all day/evening I was at home, programming a little bit, and saw the amazing picturesque.. Everything was so white, it was snowing, but in my opinion it did some time ago, there weren’t almost any footsteps, all the trees were white without leaves of course and the temperature was nice, about -4 Celsius, the snow was sticky a little bit and there weren’t any stupid cold wind, really nice.. I was walking alone and then my dog started to pee and shit on the beautiful nature and I forgot about it, did I mention that I went at night? and the sky was also very nice, but it wasn’t clear.. ;)

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