KHTML for Windows?

March 5th, 2007 by Quatrux

A lot of us, web designers, or tech web programmers want to have a khtml browser on Windows and Today, I found that a Webkit rendering engine is being ported to Windows, it is an application called Swift, which is a Web Browser for Microsoft Windows based around the WebKit rendering engine. It’s extremely fast! Swift is backed behind some hard work by a team of developers. As we know, Webkit rendering engine is used by Safari a MacOS browser, which passed the Acid2 test, as we know, Webkit is based on KHTML just with changes for the MacOS, so currently, the Swift version is 0.2 and most of the pages are very nice, some pages break though.. So I believe, that this browser is going to be a very popular one and going to be in the race among other browsers on Windows, the poll, which is the best browser for windows will need to have Opera, Firefox, Swift and Internet Explorer.. four different engines and only Firefox doesn’t pass the Acid2 test, well only the Firefox3 alpha version ;D

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  1. Peter Gasston Says:

    I was quite excited when I first heard about Swift, but my excitement has faded a little now. It hasn’t had any development for a long time, and there doesn’t seem to be any clear roadmap or list of features.

  2. Quatrux Says:

    Well, I feel the same as you, I got excited, but now I am not, but still, this port works, even though for people who don’t have Linux, I still suggest to also test their pages in a virtual machine. :)

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