Multiple versions of IE?

March 5th, 2007 by Quatrux

When IE7 appeared for Windows XP, a lot of whom installed it and wanted to test their pages with IE6? Yeah, the same for me, but once I found this software package called Multiple IE, it has a simple and working msi installer and with time most of the IE problems running on one system got solved, the dll files and similar.. So using this software, you can run different versions of Internet Explorer on your Windows installation, no need to go to a friend and test your page ;D It includes IE5, IE6 and it is best to install it when you have already installed IE7.. of course it also includes IE4 and IE3, but I don’t think these browsers matter very much, when I am talking about IE5, I talk about 5.01 and 5.5 ;)

I found it very comfortable for a web designer, also I know that there is a similar project on Linux, a batch script or something which installs the same stuff on wine, for a designer to use! Anyone want to create a package, where you can have Opera6, Opera7 and Opera8? Well, most now browse with Opera9 and some still with Opera8 :P and as I know, everyone updates their Firefox :D

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