It is snowing on April

April 7th, 2007 by Quatrux

I thought summer is almost here, it was so hot here in Lithuania on April and the end of March, but now it is really cold, it is fakin April 7 and is snowing.. Even though when the sun comes, it gets quite warm, but not on the sun, with the really cold wind, I really feel the difference..

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  1. Quatrux Says:

    Well, in fact is is a real winter now, everything is white and the temperature is about ~0 by Celsius.. So kids can play with snowballs, build castles and other stuff! Half month back I remember it was so hot on March that I could walk in downtown with my shirt and I saw people with shorts ;D Funny though, I started working and now it is snowing, so I will need to be at home and study.. YEAH STUDY hahahahaha! Time to do something with C/C++ I guess, I am thinking of porting my game made with REXX to C, but for Windows only, because I will need to use non-standard functions.

  2. Quatrux Says:

    For some days now, there is no snow and the sun is shining again, very interesting though, we had Christmas in the year 2006 without snow here in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and we had some snow on Easter.. But now, the sky is blue and the sun is shining as I said, so :D

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