I bought Sony Ericsson K750i

May 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

Sony Ericsson 750i Yeah, I bought a mobile phone, but I don’t really know why, I used to be a fan of Nokia phones, but somehow I moved to Sony Ericsson, this model has a lot of features, is easy to use, I still don’t have any problems with it, except for writing sms, I am not used to Sony layout yet, but soon I will be, all the reviews and everything you want to know about it can be found on google. ;)

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  1. Quatrux Says:

    I fucking lost my mobile, 4 days ago and can’t fucking find it so I am fucking unhappy and I fucking don’t need no fucking mobile, I will use my fucking old Nokia 3510i and will fucking be almost happy, so fucking Good Bye..

  2. Quatrux Says:

    I fucking got my mobile back, can you believe it? I lost it 2007 summer, went to the police when I found some spare time in 2007 autumn and got it back in 2007 winter :D I fucking am happy again, i even bought a 2 GB sd Card and now am using it as a Walkman, fucking police can find mobile phones in Lithuania, when you know the fucking IMEI code, I don’t believe it myself, but it’s true..

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