I hate Eurovision!!!

May 12th, 2007 by Quatrux

I really hate Eurovision, it seems that it is always on, due to this bullshit happens every year and the fucking until every country choose some idiots to go there, it lasts the whole year.. I really think that people who watch this show, I mean Eurovision, are stupid or just doesn’t have anything to do and laughs from the idiots on the TV.. When I tried to watch it, I thought what a fuck, what kind of idiots are shown on TV, professional singers? They look like clowns to me, clowns without balls and clown bitches without tits with an everlasting wet pussy smelling like fish.. This show just makes you more stupid, I really want to kick into the face when people behind me in the bus, behind me in the university, behind me is talking about Eurovision.. I remember when I was in school, even teachers talked about it, what a fuck? Why talk about idiots, their place is in the hospital, I rather see them do something useful, even masturbating or shaving your ass is more useful than Eurovision!!!

So tell me, why people watch the fucking show? This show is for monkeys, but I think monkeys are smart enough to not watch it and go smell some pussy mouths.. In fact, I am currently watching it and am thinking how pathetic the people are, fuck Eurovision, it could be shown every 4 years, that people wouldn’t puke out from it and would need to wait for the fucking thing to happen, I wish a big cock could fuck the Eurovision that it would die.. And I am really mad, so mad that I could hack the TV channels of the world and show myself swearing on Eurovision, that would be something interesting.. So people, if you don’t understand music and like to listen to sounds from different assholes, I mean watching Eurovision, then I think you’re idiots.. Go get some book, read a book, do some maths, drink some beer, visit your family, walk in the park, try to think about it, I mean you won’t die if you think, don’t be afraid to think, because if you are watching Eurovision with interest, then I don’t think that you ever thought about who you are, what you are and why the hell you’re, you brainless idiot Eurovision fan! Fuck you and Fuck you again and yeah Fuck you!!! ;)

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