I finished 2 semester?

May 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

The weeks were quite fun, yeah.. Again, my session will be quite easy, only three exams to go and summer time to enjoy, my marks are quite good to consider, English 10, Programming C 10, Computer Graphics (Autocad) 10, I think that Databases will be 10 too, as Access and Lotus are very easy to use, especially when you have 3 years experience with MySQL :D , C is also very easy when you have 6 years experience of PHP, Autocad is also easy when you have 4 years experience of Gimp and some other graphics programs and of course some knowledge of geometry and vectors. :) So to continue, I think that Matrix Calculations will be 10 too, I just hope so and Mathematics will be at least 7-8, if everything will be fine, I will really be happy.. But my second curse, third semester in my opinion won’t be as easy as this one.. I didn’t really go to most of lectures, due to I work and drink beer, but I managed to finish fine!

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