Safari ported to Windows

June 12th, 2007 by Quatrux

As we know, Safari is a browser for MacOS, a lot call it the best browser, it is using the rendering engine called Webkit, which in fact is an edited version of the well known KHTML engine, which is mainly used by a Linux browser Konqueror.

Anyway, I downloaded Safari for Windows, it is still in public beta, but seem to work and is opening most of the sites quite normally, webkit is continued to be ported to Windows.. what I hate about apple software is the GUI, MacOS GUI really doesn’t look good on Windows, I never liked it, that is why I hate Quick Time!

So in my opinion, Swift, if it continues to develop, is a much better alternative to conquer browser market on Windows! Even though it is using .NET and C# which I don’t really like, due to it is slow, much faster on Windows Vista though.. but Anyway, what Windows KHTML/Webkit browser needs is a Browser created with C++ and QT using Webkit engine, maybe then the shitty and shit source gecko engine Firefox will suck and fanboys of Firefox will need to disappear and become fanboys of something else, like masturbation kit 5 in 1 just for you FF fanboy. Anyway, you can download it:

Download Safari for Windows

and for Swift browser, which is using .NET and Webkit: Download Swift

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