Conan the Adventurer, (cartoon)

June 25th, 2007 by Quatrux

As most of you know, Conan the Adventurer animated series created in 1992-1994 had 64 episodes, one episode runs about 22 minutes, so in about three days of watching it, not full time of course, I managed to watch all of it, the first 12 episodes are really really great, the quest itself is really addictive, later from approximately episode 16 the quest of Conan gets quite boring, I don’t mean boring that you can’t watch it, but boring and from the episode 54, the action comes back again, but the end isn’t something I was hoping for, in fact the end is a bit shitty, not that it is shitty, everything ends and is good, but why couldn’t they destroy Wrath-Amon and its black ring by combining powers in the 20th episode? why did they need to wait while Set gets out from the Abyss? I know why, to make the show longer, but still.. and Set, the evil snake lizard doesn’t look as scary or powerful or strong, due to Conan can managed to fight it, but everyone were listening to it..

I don’t want to say that these animated series sucked, I really enjoyed them, it is one of those best animated series I watched! Even though I was watching it on Tele-3 when I was a kid, I remember only little parts of the episodes I was watching this month on my computer..

Moreover, Live-action TV series exist of Conan the Adventurer, but it sucks, I saw it on a TV channel called BTV, and it almost sucked as Sinbad and nothing sucks more than the Adventures of Sinbad!!!

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