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April 2nd, 2008 by Quatrux

Well, for a month almost everything on my side was offline, I lost one server and with all the data, so I am using the latest backup I have, even though I thought to use some blog search like google blog search and restore my texts, but I am to lazy, I’ll think about that later.. Got a fresh account again and did everything my way with it.. So I’ll continue to post and I think it’ll be more PHP related.. I hate downtime, but what to do? I spent a lot of time on theSite CMS which now is much more advanced and really as simple as possible, when you get to know how to use it, to make it short, now it supports multi languages much better than it did, the templates are having less php code, I am using a method this.ob_templater(); for the content generation, it can have plugins and modules, the panel got much more advanced and the most coolest thing is the content publishing, I still need to fix it a little bit, but with some mouse clicks, I can have dynamic version and static version working together on one CMS and as it used to be before, it works for all the sites, they just need to have separate templates and settings :D oh yea, as I learned to create PDF’s with PHP using TCPDF, I’ll have my sites with PDF version, but later they’ll be up online, due to these days are quite busy and as always I’m Lazy to develop so much at once! You know, studies? :D hahahaha they’re getting easier and easier!

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    I am just testing the comments again, it seems that I don’t have any SPAM anymore, well as I know worpdress got better, Akismet got better and I think it’s also that I am using the mathematics thing in the comments? I could create an easy script to attack myself, but I don’t want to SPAM myself..

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