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February 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

There is really nothing to know about me, I don’t really like people knowing my real face, so when reading this, don’t imagine me. Most of the people who are near me and I rarely spent time with them think that I am some quite bad guy, who does not believe in God, does not learn, likes to vandal, manipulate other thoughts, get upper others and feel smarter than others and likes creating conflict situations and even fighting, oh yea! do not forget likes to drink a lot of beer and smoke lots of cigarettes and get high, in one words he does not care about anything at all, maybe not even about himself.

Nevertheless, maybe that is true, but as a matter of fact, I am a good guy, I believe in God, but not in the one who builds Temples and asks money from poor people, I learn what is interesting to me or if my mood is good, I know so much, what others just can’t imagine, but maybe what i know it is not interesting for them, but do you think i care? I sure don’t, unless you’ll browse into my heart and see that I want world peace too, but hey War never been so much fun, when watching it through your TV Set. If talking about beer, hey I like it, but I do not drink, only sometimes, but I used to drink more often earlier, and can you believe, I am a no smoker! the nicotine just can’t make me get used to it, so that means I am stronger than it? no that means nothing at all.

Furthermore, vandalism is what can be fun, so what if i spitted on the wall in school? or any other institution.. does that mean that my education is poor? who said that spitting on the wall is not nice? some stupid politicians who wrote a new law just because, they do not know what else to do, huh, or is it manners? I create laws or/and manners for myself, they change with my age and my position in my ridiculous life, but as order in the world needs to exist, even though currently it is so stupid, especially in the democracy world, I still need to obey it, I love the country I am living in, but I will still work in foreign country, I hate Russia and USA, I hate Germany and France, but still will visit them, I do not like Black or Yellow people, but I will still talk with them, I hate Gays, but they are not problem to me until i do not see one which would want to do something bad to me, I do not have anything against lesbians, but I would hate if my wife (if I ever have one) would be a lesbian and so on.. I do not make crime, just sometimes, like killing people for fun, yea playing some FPS on the Computer – that happens very rarely!

To continue, manipulating other thoughts? how can I do that? I think that truth is better than silence, so if she is ugly and fat, why not tell her that? huh! again it is not nice, but as I feel so lonely and depressed I want to put some of my high voltage energy somewhere, why not do it by making someone a bad day? yea I know that it will comeback to me some day, but from that I learned how other people can feel and I think that I felt 80% of all of the feelings in the world and now when standing I can easily imagine how other person feels, making fast logical decisions, but hey I am only human, not a machine and not always I am full of that high-voltage energy.. Sometimes being silent and alone is good for you.

Anyway, do not believe me, you can’t imagine/know me by reading this bullshit, I can’t believe that you could read it, but maybe there is some truth there, well a lot, but it is not a book that on every idea I should write a lot, Why do I have to? Have your own opinion, even though it might be stupid, the main thing is that you have it and you always can change or update it, but from my experience, most of other people opinions are stupid, even pathetic, man it is 21 century, be realistic, be logical, but hey don’t be like that or you will never be happy again, learn to relax and think about stupid things, maybe somebody else will do the job for you, there is no faith, it was created, same as God, computer, love and democracy, but hey why not use it if it exists, make money out of it, if you’re smart, you can get money from the stupid, if you’re stupid, you can get money from the smart, so how can you know who you are? Don’t think about it, you’re are who you are, Yes, yes you are stupid!

Making a conclusion, do you know me better? or now you think that I ruined all your happy mood for today? or if you just have a smile on your face, then my mission is over, You are the smart, but hey if someone was making a blow job for you when you were reading this, it does not count. P.S do not forget to read the first sentence again. Have a good day, :-) yea, have a good day and go masturbate or make something random, like shave your asshole.

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