Autocad 2006

February 16th, 2007 by Quatrux

I had my first lectures on Autocad, thought that using Autocad sucks, but with time and a little experience I really found Autocad a nice program and now I have some understanding about drawing/draughtsmanship which will be useful for me as I am studying in a Technical University, even though it is Informatics/Information Technologies! I always liked 2D, but still with time will need to draw different things with 3D environment, even though I am not going to become somekind of a pro, but to know the basic stuff is very good. ;)

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February 23rd, 2006 by Quatrux

I have made some logos and banners and menus for my sites layout using Gimp. The technique I am using is really simple. I choose one font for the name of the site, it is a really good one from my fonts directory. I add some kind of an script for it from the Script-Fu and using gradients and stuff create the logo. It usually has some layers so I add some kind of transparent picture from stock images and work on it and make it look good in the background. Then I just use another font and make the same things for the menu, like news articles reviews etc. and make it smaller to fit into the logo place. I create how the menu look when on mouse over and when on mouse out, and later just cut it and create a html file out of it and integrate it into my layout. Later using colour picker, I choose the colours for use in CSS, links, backgrounds and stuff. And my simple layout just look great :P Gimp rules ;)

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