Brutal Assault 2007

August 7th, 2007 by Quatrux

Today, after almost 10 hours, I am going to sit into a bus and go to Brutal Assault 2007, moreover, it will also be my holidays! So I will be away for about a week, no more work, no more programming, no more chatting, just good music, beer and foreign countries.. I just hope, that.. My hosting will be up! ;)

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Autumn (russian doom-metal band)

May 11th, 2007 by Quatrux

For some time now, I discovered Autumn, a doom-metal band from Russia, as I know they have three albums, 1997, 2000 and 2003, the last ones lyrics are in Russian, which is quite great, as I understand Russian quite well.. They sound a little bit atmospheric or even melancholic, but they do death doom and a good one, I would say.. Currently, I am really into them, some places just is out of this world.. Russian band Autumn started on 1993, their first demo ‘The Druid Autumn’ was released in 1995, the next first full album ‘And we are the Fallen Leaves’ in 1997 is quite good with lyrics in English, but the later ones which were self-released ‘Chernye Krylia’ (’Black Wings’) 2000 and ‘Osen Vechna’ (’Autumn is eternal’) 2003 is more liked by me, I prefer those to albums, the lyrics are in Russian except one song in the 2000 years album. As I know, the band/group is disbanded and doesn’t do anything, what a pity.. But I rather see a broken band, than a band which continue to play/do shit music. ;)

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While Heaven Wept

January 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

By accident I found this band and I really liked it, especially the vocal, but it wouldn’t sound like that without the slow music, I would categorize it under Epic Doom Metal.. when listening to their best album Of Empires Forlon I want to sing, it really is relaxing and the words has meaning, the music.. mmm.. Slow, heavy epic doom metal with clean vocals, their album ‘Sorrow of the angels’ picks up where Candlemass left off with ‘Nightfall’ and is a true must for Candlemass fans, older work shows a more death/doom face and even encorperates grunts (when nessary the band still very very sporadically uses grunts on newer work as well, like in one track on ‘Of Empires Forlorn’). Newer work sees the band growing to extreme musical hight, composing some of the most epic and grand sounding Doom-metal around on the face of the earth.

More: While Heaven Wept official Website

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January 6th, 2007 by Quatrux

For some time I was searching for this band, I remember I used to listen to them, but later forgot the band name and only some time ago I found them again, they are one of the best bands for me, especially their album Doomsword – Doomsword made in 1999 year! I would call it Epic Traditional Doom Metal, even though on last dot fm I saw different tags too, but anyway Doomsword is an Italian epic metal band It was in September 1997 when Deathmaster, a member of the extreme metal band Agarthi, decided to give birth to one of his musical dreams: the creation of an epic metal act in the way of his favorite bands of the 80’s. He immediately asked to Guardian Angel to take part in his project, and he agreed to work with Deathmaster…..on the same day, they were already writing the songs: Doomsword were born.

More: Doomsword official Website

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New Katatonia Albums

April 13th, 2006 by Quatrux

I just got some new Albums from Katatonia, they are not so good like the earlier albums, but I quite liked them. Here are the ones I got: Last Fair Deal Gone Down, Viva Emptiness, Tonight’s Decisions, The Great Cold Distance and Eventually some EPs too – Tonight’s Music, Saw You Down, My Twin, Teargas.. and Complications such as The Black Sessions and Brave Yester Days. Well as I know, I have the Full Collection including some of Live Show mp3 files from Paris and Barcelona. ;)

To make it out of Topic, I have got Anathema new Albums too, but just out of curiosity.

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February 10th, 2006 by Quatrux


At last got some of my Music back after the crash and after listening to a lot of bullshit music, I turned on Katatonia again, listened through all the albums I had: Jhva Elohim Meth The Revival, Dance Of December Souls, For Funerals to Come, Brave Murder Day, Discouraged Ones.. Katatonia really know how to play, their style is Dark Doom and later they moved to Emo Rock, some people say that there are some Black Metal reference. I like all the albums till the 1998 year, the sound just gets together, while other bands just are pathetic when listening to Katatonia. The expression of depression through music is wonderful, you can see a blend of gothic, rock and death/doom metal. They begun with progressive death metal, but after some time moved to more cleaner music. The drums, guitars and the vocal, all create an really good atmosphere, it is so pleasant to listen to them, the lyrics of different albums are different, which I can’t comment on so shortly. ;)

their Official Site

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Ferrum Frost 2006

January 29th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well yeah, I did not even plan to go there, because this concert wasn’t very attractive for me. Anyway, but still it was Saturday and I wanted to go somewhere, so with two friends I went to to a bar where metal-heads get together called “Apuokas” and had some beer there.. after spending some hours there we decided to go to the concert without any money left, to hang around the place, but we managed to get inside and have some fun, I think I got under the influence of alcohol a little to much, but I felt relaxed, to much relaxed and lost my scarf, again I lost my fucking scarf which I got as a present for Christmas.. That is why I found a black scarf and took it, I don’t know whose it was, but it is ok, I washed it and going to wear it, am I bad or what ? The concert was full of people, almost like on Cannibal Corpse concert a year and more ago. I somehow managed to get home by trolleybus, but still needed to go alone on foot for about 2km. Yawn ;)

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