Faustas is online

February 28th, 2006 by Quatrux

Well, I got home and finished making the stuff with Faustas homepage, uploaded the files and made it online friendly, I quite like the layout, even though it is similar to my personal homepage.. I don’t care really, the old layout/site is still working and is online, but because the sites are using the same mysql table, the links on the old one won’t work and you’ll get errors, not all links though. ;) I fixed several php mistakes I have found, but nothing serious, more html stuff though. So here is the address you can see the Faustas homepage:

Faustas homepage

I am thinking of creating more sites about some stuff, but wait and see ;) This is stupid, isn’t it ? so what can I do if I living such a boring life :S

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My Dog

February 26th, 2006 by Quatrux

I love my Dog, I know he loves me too and I know that he would be the only thing to miss me in this stupid world if I die, so I don’t want to hurt him and going to try and stay alive, hope I will succeed, hope not. :P

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Faustas Heading

December 5th, 2005 by Quatrux

As a Dog, Faustas had a lot to show in all his life and I think if I am in the mood I could be talking and talking about his life, in some way a dog is like your child, your best friend, as your brother and maybe even as your parent, but it could be an enemy too, if you’re crazy you can make love with it, but if you do, please get out of here and go jump from a building with more than 5 floors, then you will be a happy person, dead, but happy!

So seeing your dogs life from the time he had been born by his mother is quite fun, because humans are smarter than dogs, it is much harder to fool us for them, but still wouldn’t a dog be a perfect child ? just think about it, it does not know how to speak, it does not cost so much to upkeep it, you teach a dog to live, he learns from his fellow dogs too, a dog has no problems with smoking, alcohol and drugs, but eventually it has other problems, like eating other dogs shit, but some humans do it too, I hope they will be smart and jump from a building too. One minus about having a child like a dog, is that he will die faster than you, because his life is much shorter, so you would feel a lot of pain and pain is bad for you, pain is good for you, pain is bad for you. Think of other things, a dog won’t never put you into a pension like most of the grown up kids, you will always be the boss and you don’t need to be afraid when your child will become stronger and will be able to beat you physically.

So in conclusion, dog is one of the best things in our polluted and nasty world where you almost can’t find any truth, but who cares, what is better than a dog it is your own real child, you just have much more problems with it. But living without pain, suffering and problems and even more problems isn’t fun, even if sometimes you think that it would be better to have no problems.. A dog has a lot of problems too, like having apeshit or all the life staying virgin and not feeling the pleasures given by live.

Article taken from » Faustas homepage

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